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Here's warning Do NOT go to Perry's on Sundays graveyard shift First the waitress Jessica will get the order wrong & then will Steal anything valuable such in a phone charger while clearing your table

I have eaten at Perry's for the last 4 years. I have never had any of the waitress treat me bad or with disrespect. Perrys is a family oriented environment. Most that frequent Perry's are known and called by name when entering the restaurant. The coffee is hot and a very good selection of food wheather its breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Every child i have seen there has always loved their food. People that frequent know the coffee will be waiting.

Is your restaurants open today on Christmas day because I look and said 24 hour. OR are u close today

Currently closed

Does Perry’s have Waffles

Not sure but everything I've had was good

Does veteran's day affect your hours?

No it doesn't

It was great

Love the food all the time

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